The Lanterne Rouge

This rider has a unique role in ensuring that everyone has the best chance of finishing the ride. They ride as the last rider on the road, not for speed, but for others.

A few words from a recent discussion with the Lanterne Rouge,

"After a year of many hospital visits and finally getting back to cycling, it is an honor to be  the “lanterne rouge” of the Gran Fondo Myoko. I want to dedicate my tour and the ride to all the Cancer survivors out there and for everyone trying to stay healthy in these troubled times.


Human powered motion has amazing potential and this event showcases what is possible. I’m stoked to see two wheeled culture expanding and being celebrated. Thank you to the organizers for their vision."

We welcome Racer X aka Brad Bennett and the Freewheeling crew to the Gran Fondo Myoko team. Riding with him will definitely give you a finish and we will do our best to keep him and the riders around him positive and motivated.